Iran International Oil & Gas Exhibition are intended for professional traders and delegates. General public will not be allowed into these events on the first day. Admissions will be accepted via invitations or business cards.

Visitors are carefully targeted from industry and government associates, engineers and decision makers. Visitors profile will range within these aspects of the industry below:

(These profiles are not exhaustive and are meant to be a guide)
If your company’s main activities include any of the following, then visiting Iran Oil Show is a must! :

    Approval / Testing / Inspection Services
    Boats & Vessels Services
    Chemical Plants / Factory
    Contractor / Equipment
    Education & Training
    Engineering Construction & Contracting Services
    Environmental Protection / Solution Control
    Financial Services
    Geological / Geophysical Seismic & Services
    Inspection / Maintenance Equipment
    LNG / Petrochemical Plant
    Manufacturer’s Representative / Vendor
    Marine Support

    National Oil Company / Government Institutions
    Offshore Platforms / Supplies / Services
    Oil & Gas Exploration, Production & Distribution
    Oil & Gas Processing & Refinery Pipelines
    Operation / Installation
    Plant Engineering & Construction
    Process Engineering
    Project Consultancy
    Repair Services (including welding shops)
    Research & Development
    Rig / Fabricator / Operator Security
    Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering
    Trade Associations
    Transportation, Storage & Handling