In addition to business opportunity, an exhibition is a place to learn and publish specialized knowledge. In order to enhance  the scientific value of each exhibition, there are conferences and workshops that are widely welcomed by experts and industry professionals, and are an opportunity to update technical knowledge and become familiar with the new industry achievements.The Organizer's effort to facilitate the organization of conferences and workshops for the organizers of these conferences is considered as a complete service package. Therefore, Those interested should send their request to our sales e-mail " " and our sales team will contact them for coordination of the event as soon as possible.

Persian Gulf Conference

Capacity: 500


Milad Conference



Conference no 1

Capacity: 340


Morvarid Hall

Capacity: 110






Conferences & Seminars Halls




Conference no 2

Capacity: 200


Sadaf Hall

Capacity: 100


Isfahan Hall

Capacity: 45


Conference no 35

Capacity: 120